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Quicker, Easier, and Simply Better! We solve all the problems associated with Tire Chains.


Durable and User-Friendly!

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Tired of Tire Chains?

 "Finally got an opportunity to use our Flex Trax on a Trolley Bus - dual  wheels on the rear. Started snowing halfway through a 6 hour gig.  Driver stopped and put 'em on. First time using them. Driver said the  (positive) difference was immediately noticeable. 6" of new snow in a  few hours - didn't faze the Trolley after the Flex Trax units were put  on. No more fears with Flex Trax. This will open up opportunities for winter use and winter revenue in the Trolley business... Well worth the money!"

John Allin / Founder of SIMA
(Snow & Ice Management Association) 


We have a Simple Solution!

Safer and more Confident!

"...Immediate  different level of confidence on the road. Your product is the only  reason I made it past the most difficult road conditions I have ever  been on! ...I am totally sold on your product!"
Danut Batin

"...My  driveway is another good test because it is a steep sheet of ice. I  could drive up the driveway and stop half way, and start out again  without loosing traction. I was also able to back up the driveway slowly  without loosing traction." Todd Olson    

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